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Project Management and Consultation

Overseeing the entire deconstruction process, from planning and coordination to execution and completion, while providing expert guidance and advice.


At project conception, our team takes into consideration the spatial dimensions, physical conditions of the area, safety requirements, and budget. We then develop an execution plan taking all factors into account, closely monitoring performance from beginning to end. Regular progress reports ensure a successful deconstruction process with expert advice provided along the way.

Our team begins by conducting a thorough site assessment, which includes a detailed survey of the area and its surroundings. We take into account factors such as soil composition, ground stability, and any potential hazards or risks that may arise during the deconstruction process.

Once we have a firm understanding of the site conditions, we work with our clients to develop custom execution plans that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. This includes outlining a detailed timeline for the project, setting specific milestones and deadlines, and establishing a clear budget.

Initial Planning
  • Consideration of spatial dimensions and physical conditions

  • Safety requirements and budgeting

  • Development of a comprehensive execution plan

Performance Monitoring
  • Close oversight from start to finish

  • Regular progress reports

  • Expert guidance throughout the process

Site Assessment
  • Thorough survey of the area and surroundings

  • Analysis of soil composition, ground stability, and potential hazards

Custom Execution Plans
  • Collaboration with clients for tailored solutions

  • Detailed project timeline with milestones and deadlines

  • Clear budget establishment

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