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Home Deconstruction & Green
Demolition Services

ReBuild Green offers the ultimate green demolition service for our clients. The Owner/Contractor does not have to contact every asbestos company, every deconstruction contractor, every appraiser and all that comes with the deconstruction world.

Our unique style of keeping usable materials out of landfills allows at least 100 San Francisco homes a year recycled. In order for our world to survive global warming we must reuse as much building material as possible. ReBuildGreen can be your first move in the right direction.

Contact us today and get an Instant Bid for deconstructing your home in the Palo Alto, CA.



It Is the Art of dismantling a structure carefully saving the materials as much as possible. You typically save 80% of the structure when you are deconstructing a home. Deconstruction is the alternative to demolishing your home.


Pre-Deconstruction Sale

Imagine an deconstruction company who does not have to transport material to the non profit's warehouse (you save money). We can sell most of the material prior to the deconstruction.


Pre-Demolition Sale

Gives the general public the opportunity to purchas building material at a home before it is demolished. (Do a Good Deed Before Excavating the property)

Rebuild Green is a local green demolition company for deconstruction and removal service of buildings, houses, debris, concrete, pool, and interior of homes. We are dedicated to the recycle and the reuse of building material keeping them from the landfill through deconstruction services.


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