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100% Green Building

This 2300 sq ft home in Santa Clara is a result of green building. Every aspect of the home has been built using used kitchen cabinets, used lumber, used flooring, used light fixtures and more. The owner/contractor of this home has done numerous flips using material from my deconstruction sales. The total material for this remodel cost $29,000. If it was new material, the cost would have been $69,000.  The After and Before is to the right.


Pre-Deconstruction Sale- Imagine an deconstruction company who does not have to transport material to the non profit's warehouse (you save money). We can sell most of the material prior to the deconstruction.

Pre-Demolition Sale- gives the general public the opportunity to purchas building material at a home before it is demolished. (Do a Good Deed Before Excavating the property)

When this sale are coming up the price list will be available to the public five days before the sale, so everyone has a fair chance at saving money and buy material.

Let us give you the best customer service experience you've ever experienced.

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