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ReBuild Green offers the ultimate green demolition service for our clients. The Owner/Contractor does not have to contact every asbestos company, every deconstruction contractor, every appraiser and all that comes with the deconstruction world. 

ReBuild Green was founded by Roderick Cooper  in 2011.  Prior to starting ReBuild Green, he has seven years in green services. ReBuild Green works cloely with non profit organizations. Reuse People, Habit for Humaniy and Y.U.C.A  (Youth United for Community Action) to provide tax deductions based on the donation of your building materials. 

Our unique style of keeping usable materials out of landfills allows at least 100 bay area homes a year recycled. In order for our world to survive global warming we must reuse as much building material as possible. ReBuildGreen can be your first move in the right direction.



List of Contractors and Builders:


Troy Domier Builders

Supple Homes Inc.

Frietas Construction Inc.

Randy Wenke Construction Inc.

Javelin Construction 

Clarum Homes

Modera Homes

Conrado Builders

Gary Pollack Contruction and Exavation

Pro Builders

Androit Builders

Whiteside Managament Group​​

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